Darjeeling was the place to visit in june’s edition of traveller’s magazine. And unlike ever before, those serene and majestic landscapes of Bengal’s heaven induced the invigorations in the traveller in Raghu. Raghu, a 17year old boy from a small town in Madhya Pradesh had an unimpeded urge to visit the place.
But for a boy from a lower middle class like Raghu any trip to sight worthy destinations is basically limited within the cortex. But this dream was gliding its way out of his mere thoughts. Gathering all his courage, he asked his amma baba for a trip to Darjeeling. But as it seemed like eternity he was subjected to accusations of madness.
Crave for Darjeeling had sobered his soul. Anyways he had his share of two options.  One, going with the usual ending in such cases, he should forget the idea of any such trip and wait for time to mutate its course. This idea was recanted by his Darjeeling deluged heart. And second, he could carve his own way, implying that he could tackle the obstacle that was keeping him from his dream. The obstacle that he was accustomed of being overpowered by over the years, the obstacle of money. HE COULD EARN MONEY BY HIMSELF!!
But for a school student, earning money is not a common instance in our society. And especially for Raghu it was an out of skin task. He had never thought this way before. He had no clue initially from where to begin. Once in one of his favourite movies 3 idiots, he learnt that one should cash in on his talent to be successful in his life. He finally had the clue. Talking about skills, Raghu was a speckles painter. He was gifted with articulately stable hands. His elder sister used to define his paintings as a dream, they were so perfect in their forms. Apart from this he was just an average student. This meant that if anyhow he could harness required money was by utilising his painting skills. But the main question was how?? And again he was clueless.
Frustrated and dejected he would often elude in his imaginations of Darjeeling. Every day he would paint a view of the Darjeeling of his dreams. Sometimes of the green meadows and mountains ministrating a beautiful mystical unison, and sometimes the view of jovial toy trains sailing otiosely hoarding the delighted tourists, and so on. Then one day, one of his friends suggested him to sell his paintings to a shop in the old market ramming him with new hope. He contacted the shopkeeper and he offered 50rupees for each painting. Anything assisting him with money appeared a worthy deal during that time, so Raghu complied. This went on for couple of months. He managed to collect 700bucks till now. He felt that at this pace, it would take him ages to collect enough money.
Meanwhile he came to knowledge of yet another smart idea of money making, giving tution. But this idea had a constraint of being a studious student attached to it. Anyway he tried to gather students to give tution. But students seemed to consider him unworthy of handling such a prestigious job.
All this implied that he had no option but to perform well in the following quarterly exams to gain faith of fellow juniors. But for an otherwise average student Raghu who would do anything but study, it was even more than an uphill task. That day he painted his most beautiful view of the Darjeeling of his imagination. It felt like a shrine for gods. The kind of place that minstrels sing about. His thoughts and creativity were decked with the ineffable beauty of Darjeeling. He was ready to go any distance to complete his errand.
So the wayfarer was upto yet another challenge. Never ever in his till now life had he sit for more than 30min continuously with the purpose of studying, exam time being the only exception. And after 1hour of study he used to feel as if the words are bouncing off from the pages. But he was too ardent to give up. He endured all the headaches and haste and then after a couple of weeks he started feeling comfortable with it. He never thought that even a gruesome task like studying could be fun. He was exploring the mountain within. After toiling recklessly for a month and a half, came the quarterly exams. To every one’s surprise the midland wanderer in ranking system was now in the elite trio of top three students. Raghu’s enhancement in academics was the main topic of amazement and headline for days to come. Hard work paid off. This time there were around 10students seeking tution from him. He charged 500rupees a month from each student. Going this way, he could easily save the money required for the trip.
Time fled with a transformed Raghu to savour for his parents, and taking him closer to realising his yearlong dream. By the end of the session Raghu had cemented his position as the topper of the class. He saved 30000rupees earned from tutions and paintings, more than enough for realising his yearlong dream. He also convinced amma baba to accompany him to Darjeeling along with his sister.
He was on his way to railway station to book tickets. But in the way he received a call, a call on whose other side was grizzling a news that would topple all his plans upside down and would occlude his yearlong ambition. His baba met an accident and suffered severe injuries. He rushed to the city hospital.
Doctors were hopeful but treatment required money, the amount of money that would otherwise have been unaffordable if they did not have the assistance of Raghu’s 30000that he collected in over a year. He handed over all the money he had for baba’s treatment. Within a month baba’s treatment was over.
Surprisingly Raghu was not disappointed at all for missing out on his year long dream.
He realised over the past few days that life always comes out with the best possible plan for us. It’s really hard to fathom but destiny always surprises us. The real journey starts within oneself. No journey to anyplace place, be it Darjeeling or the Himalayas or the alps or the great canyon could have induced the rush and given the excitement that he had experienced during this one year journey. He was a transformed person now, fearless and enlightened.
Even a single moment is potent enough to shape our lives, we just need to be in ours senses to seize that particular moment.
“yet another journey and I’m all set to gleam
Be it any hurdle, be it as warm as steam
I’m ready to be ravaged by yet another dream”……

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