The social one

Drenched in sweat, gasping, absorbing the oxygen through his skin because aerobic respiration was not helping his cause anymore. He ran so far, so fast, he ran so long, after so long. His legs were crying for mercy, his lungs begged for oxygen, but no fatigue was potent enough to challenge his velocity. His body which felt like an abyss of energy had streams of sweat originating from his head and flowing all the way down in such volumes that would make earth feel humid. After all, he reached the hotel, and like a warrior pulls out his sword, he took out his smartphone and plugged it for charging. This was Smart boy Amandeep’s maiden taste of physical work in a long while. Till now, he was living life in bits and bytes. His legs and calories were going vestigial with time. You must be wondering why to endure such pain just to charge a smarter than required smartphone. I mean seriously, you guys really started wondering!! Ironical, isn’t it? Amount of battery charge available is directly proportional to our happiness index. So, let’s take a flashback into Smart boy Amandeep’s story.
It was the trip to gorgeous Macloud ganj in the Himalayas. But giving a blind eye to the scenic beauty of emerald-like green forests, being completely oblivious to the soothing sensation of the cold breeze that was capable of bringing Nirvana if welcomed by senses. But Amandeep was busy, he was busy capturing the perfect click to flaunt his profile picture. He was trying to capture the nature in 0s and 1s form courtesy of social media. Social media, where the socially introvert Smart boy Amandeep was living the most dynamic life. A life where he was a social activist slamming the orthodoxies and social evils, a patriot always ready with the most apt abuses to snapchat CEOs, Pakistanis and anyone who dared a bad eye towards our nation. And he always had crazy boy ratandeep and 35 others whenever he was feeling happy, sad, rebellious or thoughtful. In Macloud ganj, enduring the cold breeze, standing patiently for hours, so focussed that he did not even blink his eyes, even Gods would not have been so patient while meditating like Amandeep was while capturing the perfect clicks. But his Smarter than required smartphone’s battery was thirsty for electrons and ran out of life. And he rushed back to the hotel. You know, the purpose of some of his body parts even ignored biology. His mouth was used only to interact with google assistant or Siri, and his fingers did all the talking.
It was the last day of the trip to Macloud ganj, his smartphone was finally charged but yet again he could not capture the perfect click.
And yet again he lost the battle of the number of likes to Swag king sandy. Frustrated, he sought help from Rajneesh Singh Ronaldo, the ultimate Casanova of the virtual world. He enlightened him with life longing knowledge. He told him, you don’t capture a perfect click, you edit your ways towards it. But he refused to help him editing because he was 24*7 online on WhatsApp and had too much of posts to create. But do you know, what all this quest was about?? Amandeep’s heart was deluded by Angel Priya, She did not go to work because she was a princess. She the perfect flawless skin, dark deep eyes and she went to places that only existed in Bollywood song videos. And her circular pout featuring the most amazing lips were a treat to the eyes. But no one had seen her lips in their natural form. But looking at trends of these pouts these days, I hope theory of evolution goes wrong, imagining my grand grandchildren born with a beak really scares the hell out of me. Well, Time went by and surprisingly, Smart boy Amandeep did manage to fix a date with angel Priya, the princess who did not go to work. Anxious, excited, he dressed up in perfectly ironed clothes and sprayed the perfume that made angels fall from above in television ads. He finally reached the restaurant. But there was some girl sitting already on their table. He went near her and politely asked her to leave as the table had already been booked. Embarrassed, she said hesitatingly, Hi smart boy Amandeep, I am angel Priya……..What!!!
What about that flawless skin, and she was definitely better off with the pout. He was badly stuck by the theory of reality vs expectation. It was a “cham se jo toote koi sapna” moment. But suddenly his mind sensed something, an opportunity, yes an opportunity.

Darwin truly said once, its all about survival
and this time around it’s all about survival in the virtual world, and here only he who has the maximum number of likes is the ultimate survivor.

Convinced he was of her caliber, he asked her,” Angel Priya, will you please teach me editing”.